M4Rabbit NFT & ERC20 Token
Exceptional 3D Art - 4 Factions - 18 unique styles - battle traits!


Target Market:

We are targeting the entire market, both investors and standard players and users. There is a strong community that buys & sells NFTs and play games online daily.
  • There are people who play games and follow NFT projects like fans.
  • Then there are the investors who like to snap up a few thousand tokens here and there.
  • It’s highly possible someone is actively searching for an NFT that offers gifts or other incentives to hold or a PLAY to EARN BLOCKCHAIN GAME right now.
Why Will Crypto Investors Want to Fill their Bags with $M4Spore Tokens?
The $M4Spore ERC20 token will be integrated within the platform in various ways and in each of these ways in order to function there will be a fees system. This fees system is linked directly to extra incentives and gifts available via games with rewards up to $2000.00 in value that are free to enter and win for NFT holders and early token adopters.
  • Scenario 1: The $M4Spore Token itself will be used as internal currency for the platform to buy and sell NFT’s in the marketplace after initial sales.
  • Scenario 2: Users can win $M4Spore ERC20 tokens in their wallet and exchange them for other crypto as well as use them in the M4 Metaverse.
  • Scenario 3: $M4Spore Token can be bought publicly to PLAY and WIN in online games and competitions.
  • Scenario 4: Token can be used to purchase merchandise at a discount – community decision by holder majority vote. Clothing, posters, prints,3d prints, ceramics etc.
  • Scenario 5: $M4Spore Token can be staked to earn a % over locked periods and the token will be used as the payout Currency for staked NFTs.
Our team will decide when and how the various scenarios will be implemented. And deal with verifiably taking votes from the HOLDERS. Launch dates will be advised well in advance and early subscribers will benefit from discounts.
We Hope crypto investors will see the use case of the token and the 100x potential and also invest and hold both M4 Rabbit NFT and $M4Spore ERC20 tokens and/or trade/stake them.


Stage 1
  • Logo & Design / Team Creation
  • request for artwork specs – secure artwork
  • Social channels created
Stage 2
  • Three.js/Javascript metaverse tests.
  • NFT Smart contract planning
  • Official white paper created – this document
  • Release of our marketing strategy
  • Partner with a launchpad – WenMint -WE ARE HERE-
  • Website Launch / Contract and Project Audits
Stage 3 ~500 mint
  • Genesis collection drop and mint
  • M4 NFT & $M4Spore ERC20 token launch on ETHEREUM
  • ERC20 vesting and pre-sales rounds
  • Platform Development / 3D / NFT Viewer
  • Create guidelines for NFT Holders, players r.e gaming/lottery
  • Lottery / Interplanetary Clashes / PVP Battles – community decision
Stage 4 - ~3000 mint
  • M4 Laboratories – Build and kit out your own M4-LAB
  • NFT & Utility Token Staking
  • Secret Sauce Sol Sauce Bridge Sauce – secret community bonus for holders!!
  • DEX/CEX Listing
Stage 5
  • M4Doe released - The legendary M4 Female Warrior
  • Decentralise Rewards system – holders vote on games prizes and frequency
  • M4Spore NFT / free mint catalyst for mutations
  • Marketing / mega incentives / Publicity
Final Stage of road map 1.0, map 2.0 beginning:
  • Release the MutantZ - M4MutantZ released
Note:Throughout all stages there is a constantly unfolding sci-fi story that is being written about M4 by our team of professional writers.
Marketing strategy.
The three pillars of our project are organic community, high quality art and continuous utility. This is the foundation of the M4 project. Our marketing strategy is based around partnerships and collaborations with successful projects that have beliefs that resonate with ours. These communities with common interests will help us to become a force in the NFT space for many years to come! Our main Developer who has been Doxed has committed to sign and publish a three year contract when we sell our first 1K units.
Community - Design competitions for nfts (accessories, animations) - lotteries - games - votes for many things with erc20 and NFT holders driving votes - story is released and gaming / video / 3D events will all coincide
High quality art - Speaks for itself and we provide the ability to view in 3D viewer. 3D viewer can be upgraded as per community desire to be a viewer or a full blown metaverse. posters – merchandise – model.
The M4 project utilises world class artist, Enmanuel Viggiani,
Director of NVC media inc. VFX/CGI supervisor for the film and video game industry. Epic games UE, Cinema4d Blender. The artistry, detail and imagination within the creation of the M4 collection is second to none. This high quality digital 3D art combined with story line and faction structure makes the project highly collectible and a marvel to look at for years to come.
Continuous utility - use the spore token to build out your LAB NFT and showcase your M4 RABBIT in your LABORATORY! Private Market for M4 Rabbit accessories and M4 NFTs.

Token Information:

Private Vesting
Public Vesting
Name:$Spore ERC20
Total Supply: 10,000,000
Burn Wallet: unsold in Vested Sales rounds burned. Dev tokens may be burned at discretion.

ETHEREUM NET ERC20 Token Distribution:

Staking/Liquidity 30%
  • tokens that will be sent to staking and exchange platform for liquidity
Gaming/Rewards 20%
  • tokens are placed in a locker for the use in gaming rewards and platform giveaways – locker contract needs majority M4 NFT holder vote to move tokens….
Private Vesting 15%
  • offered in private to whitelisted persons & NFT holders - UNSOLD BURNED
Public Vesting 15%
  • offered in public to everyone (through platform??) - UNSOLD BURNED
Marketing Vested 10%
  • a specific wallet that will be used to run marketing and ad influencer campaigns to draw attention to project and gaming as they launch. 10% every 30 days
Dev/Treasury unlocked 10%
  • available straight away this is basically what is used by the team for development costs and to pay for other devs or new team members ad-hoc.
Between private holders, Burn and liquidity there are in total 60% of ALL Tokens
A further 20% of Total Tokens can only be rewarded to M4 NFT Holders.
Of the remaining 20% HALF locked at 10% every 30 days and 10% unlocked.
Metaverse – NFT Model
possibility to create mirror tokens on low gas network polygon or bsc or other popular secure metamask net if necessary. Community decides this path.
Features available to NFT HOLDER
  • Win Rewards from 20% of all NFT Sales
  • Buy $M4Spore for ETH (discounted)
  • Buy accessories with $M4Spore
  • Stake NFT for $M4Spore
  • Buy M4 Lab NFT for ETH or $M4Spore
  • Build/Kit Out personal M4 LAB NFT using $M4Spore
  • Discounted Printed materials (custom) Posters, hardback/softback book of story
  • Free entry to Games for $Spore Rewards
  • 3D Metaverse Building & Expansion – community decisions
Features available to public
  • Buy $M4Spore for ETH
  • Printed materials Posters, hardback/softback book of story
  • Play games to Win $Spore
  • Buy select merchandise M4 brand
  • Buy M4 Lab NFT for ETH or $M4Spore
  • Build/Kit Out personal M4 LAB NFT using $M4Spore
ERC20 tokens
ETH - $M4SporeThe M4 Currency in the M4 Metaverse/Economy
ETH - M4Rabbit NFT – the real deal full 3D render of your truly random M4 Rabbit character. The key to your GLB file stored on IPFS.

NFT and M4 Accessory Market

A fully fledged secondary marketplace to buy, sell and swap everything M4.
A range of fantastically sophisticated M4 Rabbit Merch!
  • Discount if purchased using $Spore Token
REWARDS POOL – prizes up to $2000 - Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) – BOSS RC202 Looper
The rewards pool not only consists of great Electronics Hardware but also set up is a contract where all prizes in cash, NFT sales and earnings are collected to be distributed to holders of M4 Rabbits who enter into and win in any number of games and competitions, draws or lotteries.
To collect these guaranteed prizes holders must enter and participate.
CONSTANT ECONOMY To rewards Expected FROM:
β€’ 50% MERCHANDISE SALES profit
β€’ 50% MARKET TRADES fees
β€’ 20% NFT SALES fees
β€’ 75% OF ALL SITE FEES staking/exchange/taxes
β€’ 25% OF ALL PVP BATTLE COSTS (150% of battle total goes to winner)


Interplanetary Lottery
What is an interplanetary Lottery?
Our interplanetary Lottery is a traditional number match lottery. The goal is to match consecutive numbers. The interplanetary lottery allows every user who bought at least one lottery ticket to be awarded with prizes. All prizes and bets are in our ERC20 UTILITY TOKEN which can be exchanged in the exchange for cash or used to buy items in game and in the markets including online and IRL merchandise that can be delivered right to your door!
How do I enter, and how do I win?
You will have the chance to pick a series of random numbers for each ticket, or the option to choose your numbers manually according to your preference.
The winning numbers will be generated at a predetermined time automatically by our vrf random number generation system to guarantee fairness and security of the lottery.
β€’ Valid lottery token: buy with $ERC20 (or BNB/USDT via instant exchange)
β€’ Max tickets at a time: A maximum of 10 tickets can be bought in one transaction.
β€’ User entry limit: A maximum of 100 tickets per address.
β€’ Duration: Lottery rounds reset at predetermined intervals TBD.
β€’ Each ticket has a 6-digit numerical string with each digit being between 0-9.
How do I win?
Numbers counted against the draw as follows from left to right:
Ticket x: 1 2 6 8 7 9
Ticket y: 1 4 3 8 7 9
Winning Number: 1 4 3 4 7 9
For this example the result would be:
Ticket x: The first digit matches and the second doesn’t so there is no more sequence and so this ticket wins a "Match first number" prize.
Ticket y: The first 3 digits match and the 4th doesn’t so the sequence ends meaning that this ticket wins a "Match first three numbers" prize.
Prize Funds
The prizes for each lottery round come from two sources:
β€’ Lottery Ticket Sales:
75% of the ticket sale amount is allocated to the game's prize pool and is distributed to players with the rest being allocated to M4 NFT rewards (18%), platform development and maintenance and other ad-hoc prizes (7%).
β€’ Accumulated prizes (rollover):
If there is no winner in a specific lottery prize bracket then 50% of the unclaimed rewards for that bracket will accumulate into the next round and will be distributed among all the prize pools in the proceeding lottery. The remaining 50% is destined to be split between:
(NFT rewards 35%)
(Other prizes 15%)
(Platform dev and maintenance 15%)
(Burn 35%) Which will have the effect of deflating the token by a small amount each time there is a rollover.
Prize Awards
Tickets belonging to the Prize Pools described above are allocated as follows:
Prize Bracket Description / Percentage of Prize Pool:
Match First number 2%
Match First 2 numbers 3%
Match First 3 numbers 5%
Match First 4 numbers 15%
Match First 5 numbers 20%
Match First 6 numbers 30%
NFT reward pool 18%
Dev / Maintenance / Burn 7%
Interplanetary Clashes
Interplanetary Clash is a fight betting system where you will choose a planet to win in a clash, these selected planets will enter a 1 v 1 battle in which only one planet will remain habitable. Be cautious! It is not always that the strongest or smartest planet will emerge as the victor of the Interplanetary Clash.
How do I play, how do I win?
The game functions on a betting system where you buy tickets to support a bet on the planet of your choice. If your planet is the winner the opponent's bets will be shared among you and the other winners who bet on that planet. Your reward will be proportionally equal to the number of winning tickets you have purchased vs the other winners in the pool.
Interplanetary Clashes may take place as frequently as every 24-72 hours.
7% of the total collected amount goes back to the project dev/burn pool whilst 25% goes to M4 Rabbit NFT holder REWARDS and the remaining 68% is allocated as the prizes explained above.
The two planets from each Interplanetary Clash will be placed on 7 day auction starting at GAS PRICE + $1 and their NFTs can be purchased and held as novelty or until such time as we introduce them into a future part of the gaming experience.
50% of the auction price of the Clashed Planets that are sold after Interplanetary Clashes will be destined for the M4Rabbit NFT rewards pool.
Benefits for M4Rabbit NFT HOLDERS (investors):
From the outset of our launch there will be an initial 20% of each NFT sale injected into the rewards pool for NFTs.
7% across the board from every transaction, PVP battle, sale, transfer and conversion of ERC20 will be injected into the NFT reward pool.
50% of the auction price of the Clashed Planets that are sold after Interplanetary Clashes will be destined for the NFT reward pool.
Any future action that generates an income or that will charge a fee across the platform of 7% minimum is allocated to M4Rabbit NFT Hodlers.
Random VRF and bot control
We have a custom random number generator with the help of Chainlink VRF and we can consistently deliver trusted unpredictable random numbers.
This spans the whole of our Metaverse and therefore we can create mechanisms moving forwards that will allow players a fair environment for their games.
Verifiably Random!
All numbers used for Lottery, games and Battling are generated on the fly alongside various traits and properties of our NFT assets, using Chainlink VRF so there is no way for anyone to manipulate the process and as such we can GUARANTEE that the winners are always unique and fully RANDOM!

To Be Decided by holders

Direction of gaming.
PVP Battles.
3D 1ST Person WORLDS
Suggest competitions for holders to win rewards.
Decentralise rewards contract
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Target Market:
Token Information:
ETHEREUM NET ERC20 Token Distribution:
NFT and M4 Accessory Market
To Be Decided by holders