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Target Market

We are targeting the entire market, both investors and standard players and users and sci-fi fans.
There is a strong community that buys & sells NFTs and play games online daily both sci-fi and blockchain.
  • There are people who play games and follow NFT projects like fans, collecting artefacts and other in game items.
  • Then there are the investors who like to snap up a few thousand tokens here and there, after finding projects that promise a good return on investment.
  • It’s highly possible someone is actively searching for an NFT that offers gifts or other incentives to hold or a PLAY to EARN BLOCKCHAIN GAME right now.
Why Will Crypto Investors Want to Fill their Bags with $M4Spore Tokens?
The $M4Spore ERC20 token will be integrated within the platform in various ways and in each of these ways in order to function there will be a fees system. This fees system is linked directly to extra incentives and gifts available via games, some with rewards up to $2500.00 in value that are free to enter and win for NFT holders and early token adopters.
  • Scenario 1: The $M4Spore Token itself will be used as internal currency for the platform to buy and sell NFT’s in the marketplace after initial sales and for all future releases from M4 Project.
  • Scenario 2: Users can win $M4Spore ERC20 tokens in their wallet and exchange them for other crypto as well as use them in the M4 Metaverse and in games.
  • Scenario 3: $M4Spore Token can be bought publicly to PLAY and WIN in online games and competitions.
  • Scenario 4: Token can be used to purchase merchandise at a discount – community decision by holder majority vote. Clothing, posters, prints,3d prints, ceramics, action figure etc.
  • Scenario 5: $M4Spore Token can be staked to earn a % over locked periods and the token will be used as the payout Currency for staked NFTs. (possible multichain staking i.e stake ERC20 for AVAX/SOL rewards
Our team will decide when and how the various scenarios will be implemented. And deal with verifiably taking votes from the HOLDERS. Launch dates will be advised well in advance and early subscribers will benefit from discounts.
We Hope crypto investors will see the use case of the token and the 100x potential and also invest and hold both M4 Rabbit NFT and $M4Spore ERC20 tokens and/or trade/stake them.